D-180 hard drive shelving unit
close up of hard drive shelf interior



D-180 Modular shelving holds up to 180 drives.


Product Description

Perfect for long-term storage


35-1/8 inches wide x 48-1/4inches high x 5-3/4 inches deep
Weighs 43 pounds (empty)
Holds up to 180 hard drives
Unfinished pine with birch plywood inner shelves & backing
Bottom 2 x 8 board is not included. See accessories.
Handmade in the USA
Patent pending
Please allow 5-8 weeks for delivery
Each D-180 shelf is shipped in a protective one-way container.
Client pays a fee of $100 for the shipping container.
Price: $618.00 plus actual shipping cost, a handling of $12.50, and $100 to cover the cost of the one-way container. The container is yours upon receipt. Save the container in case you ever need to move or ship your D-180.
See our shipping policy.

This unit empty weighs approximately 45 pounds. Fully loaded with 4 TB drives, it will weigh 500+ pounds. Please be mindful of its placement. See Conditions of Use for details on proper use.

This unit must be secured to prevent a catastrophic tip over. We offer a floor angle kit that allows the D-180 unit to tilt back towards the wall at a 5 degree angle allowing the top of the unit to be secured with L brackets included in the kit.

Do not attempt to hang this unit on a wall! We will not be held responsible for any misuse or unmindful securing (or lack thereof) of this shelf unit or consequent damage resulting in the destruction of data from a catastrophic tip over.

Additional Information

Weight 43 lbs
Dimensions 36 x 7 x 50 in