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Tailored for hard drive storage, our modular wooden shelves are handmade at Bonolabs in the USA. Each unit is designed to help you organize and protect multiple external hard drives. Our shelving line is used by media and IT security professionals, law enforcement, record management, science researchers, and state highway data collectors, to name a few.

Just add drives! All models feature tilted inner shelving to help hold the drives in place. Drive capacity ranges from 6 hard drives to 360. Our hard drive shelves are made of basic pine shelving wood material with birch plywood inner shelves and back. Each model is sturdy, economical, non-conductive— nothing fancy, but very functional and built to last for years.

As the pioneer of the tapeless workflow in the world of media and information migration, our team at BonoLabs saw a growing and compelling need on the horizon. Many industries, including digital imaging, were capturing and storing data to external SATA hard drives, but we couldn’t identify a functional and cost effective storage solution. Meanwhile, our drives were stacking up! So we designed and built our own hard drive storage shelves for our 1000+ customer back-up drives.

Protect your data! If you’re concerned about all the data breaches in the news, add our hard driving shelving to your “air gap” and hack-proof storage equation.

Most of our units are shipped to you in sturdy wooden returnable containers to ensure their safe arrival. A container return agreement must be filled out and on file prior to shipping units. We have reduced our build and your wait time! Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipment of shelving products. Shipping times will be slightly longer during peak periods. 

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hard drive storage auto-migration robot

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Are you ready for an auto-migration robotic system for your digital asset management that is a companion to our hard drive shelf modules? See what the problem solvers at Bonolabs are working on.

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Showing all 11 results