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Covid-19 & your data peace of mind

“And just how could a shelf help provide data security and peace of mind?”

We’re in uncharted territory these days. Covid-19 affects staffing and conditions—even at data centers.

Do you wonder what is going on during the “new normal” in data center operations?

Have you pondered how the Covid-19 pandemic could impact your precious, irreplaceable data?

Is your data organized as object-based storage, placed over several data centers, thus compounding your concerns?

Just when will this end!?!

These worrisome questions are worthy of our attention as each day brings new Covid-19 related changes and challenges to our daily life and world.

Looking through a data-centric lens, we have zero control to protect our data if we’re relying solely on cloud storage. This has always been the case, but now, this realization takes on greater urgency. 

What would a regional, let alone country-wide, lockdown mean for data access and integrity? If your data center goes down, your data could be rendered useless. In this scenario, it’s a done deal. Your data could be compromised, corrupted or even lost forever. Are you willing to risk your vital and irreplaceable data to factors so beyond your control? The financial and emotional implications of a “yes” answer could bankrupt your company, organization or agency literally overnight.

D-75 modular unit

Don’t take the risk and become a regrettable statistic when there is a simple, logical, cost-effective solution. Back your data center hot files on in-house basic 3.5 in sata drives and shelve them in your brand new, wooden shelving unit developed, fully built and shipped from Beltsville, MD, USA. The solution is so simple it’s easy to overlook and overthink.

For less money than the cost of a few months of cloud storage, you can purchase one of our D-75 modular units and house 600+ Terabytes of data in house.

Don’t kill your cloud storage, just add to it with on-premises storage; so, in the event of meltdowns beyond your control, your data is still safe and readily accessible.

Our hard drive shelf factory is fully staffed and functioning during this pandemic and ready to produce your new hard drive shelf to give you peace of data mind. Don’t let an unfortunate occurrence leave you guessing and saying, “I should have.”

Once your data is gone, it’s gone for good and there is no hope of retrieval. Still not convinced? Read the cloud storage terms and conditions and user agreement you signed.

Let be your peace of data mind and practical backup solution. Order one of our proven designs today.

Remember: backup at least twice, preferably three times in three different locations. If data doesn’t exist in more than one location it doesn’t exist