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A better way? Robotics for digital storage and migration

“There must be a better way.”Robo1 for auto-migration of hard drives

Haven’t you said this to yourself or your colleagues?

You want secure storage. You want to be able to migrate your digital assets in a timely fashion, preferably 24×7, hands free! So, why not robotics for digital storage and migration?

You’re tired of expensive LTO back up systems which require periodic equipment upgrades rendering your past tape generations useless.

BonoLabs and our division are developing an auto-migration robotics system for your digital asset management that is a companion to our hard drive shelf modules. Whether you have 150 or 1500 drives, we think you are going to like our solution. Take a look at our made-in-the-USA hard drive shelves and then …


Organizing your hard drives in our various sturdy, built-to-last and “hack proof” hard drive shelf units with capacities that range from  6 drives to 360.

Migrating or cloning a series of drives from one D-75 unit to another D-75 unit or any other handcrafted module in our product line.

Setting up a query of files to migrate from your shelving system to an individual external drive.

Configuring your system to auto-scrub for file integrity and bit rot.

Wishes can come true: robotics for digital storage and migrationAuto-migration robot for digital asset management.

Are you intrigued?

Send us your feedback, questions, and wishes. As we get closer to completion we’ll share more details with you.

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