Conditions of Use

By accepting a shelf, or shelves, upon purchase, the client releases all liability from the manufacturer for any resulting damages from shelf usage.

All of our modular units are hand constructed in the USA and are made to be cost effective and, most of all, functional. Given the proper care your unit will provide years of trouble free hard drive storage use. Much of the information below provides cautions and advice that applies to all of our larger units.

Notes on D-180


This unit empty weighs approximately 45 pounds. Fully loaded with 4 TB drives it will weigh 500+ pounds. Please be mindful of where and what it’s placed on. Be careful of overloading a floor or low lying table. It will flip a lightweight table right over or crush it. If the shelf unit hits the floor partially or fully loaded with drives it’s anyone’s guess on survival of the data. We suggest placing the unit directly on the floor. If placed directly on the floor, be sure there is some type of wood underneath to keep the unit off the floor an inch or so in the event of a flood or water damage. Although, the drives are already an inch or so from the floor, this added height could save your bottom row of drives. Please think about placement!

Hanging from walls: Do not!

The unit must be attached to the wall it leans against by some secure means. It will not free stand on the floor full of drives and will perform what we call a catastrophic tip over. We offer a floor angle kit that allows the D-180 unit to tilt back towards the wall at an approximate 5 degree angle allowing the top the shelf unit to be anchored to the wall with L brackets included in the kit (also available from your local hardware store). If you have not selected the optional mounting kit: the shelf must be anchored to the wall to avoid a tip over hazard.

We will by no means be held responsible for any misuse or unmindful securing (or lack thereof) of this shelf unit or consequent damage resulting in the destruction of data from a catastrophic tip over.

Liquids or cleaners:

We recommend cleaning with a damp cloth moistened with water or a dusting wand. It’s not very wise to introduce any type of wood oils or waxes to the wood as it will stain the unit unevenly. Over time the wood will darken slightly due to age and this is to be expected with untreated wood.

Should you have any further questions or comments please feel free to contact us at: or 240-813-2460. Thank you for your purchase!