C-80 Carousel space saver solution holds 80 hard drives


C-80 Carousel model. Perfect for sharing drives between stations and to take advantage of smaller spaces (29-inch diameter “footprint”). Handmade in the USA.



C-80 carousel hard drive storage unit

When we needed more robust storage in areas between work stations where space was tight, we knew it was time to design a new product with a smaller footprint. The C-80 carousel space saver hard drive storage unit was our “answer.” The carousel feature is perfect for sharing drives between work stations. If your space is at a premium, select the C-80.  Its footprint is only 29.5 inches in diameter. The storage capacity of the C-80 Carousel is an appealing 80 hard drives. Each section holds 20 hard drives. We use it for current drives where we need frequent access.

Like all of our products they are hand crafted by BonoLabs in the USA.


4 sections; each section holds 20 drives
Each section measures 13 inches wide x 18 inches high x 5-3/4 inches deep
Height including base and top = 21 inches high
Minimum clearance = 29-1/2 inch diameter
Weighs 41 pounds (empty)
Holds up to 80 hard drives
Unfinished pine with birch plywood inner shelves & backing
Handmade in the USA.
We have reduced our build and your wait time! Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipment of shelving products.
Patent pending

Price: $397 plus shipping costs and a handling fee of $12.50 per order.

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Additional information

Weight 41 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 20 in