D-180 handcrafted hard drive shelf holds up to 180 hard drives


D-180 modular hard drive shelving holds up to 180 drives.



Our handcrafted modular D-180 hard drive shelf, with its capacity to hold 180 drives, is perfect for long-term storage of your expanding collection of hard drives.  Designed with six columns holding 30 drives each, all drives are easily reachable. This substantial unit is catching on with law enforcement and academia-two environments with ever growing data and a keen awareness of the need to keep complete back-up sets.


35-1/8 inches wide x 48-1/4inches high x 5-3/4 inches deep
Weighs 43 pounds (empty)
Holds up to 180 hard drives
Unfinished pine with birch plywood inner shelves & backing
Bottom 2 x 8 board is not included. See accessories.
Handmade in the USA
Patent pending
We have reduced our build and your wait time! Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipment of shelving products.
Each D-180 shelf is shipped in a protective one-way container.
Client pays a fee of $100 for the non returnable one use shipping container.
Price: $711.00 plus actual shipping cost, a handling fee of $12.50, and $100 to cover the cost of the one-way container. The container is yours upon receipt. Save the container in case you ever need to move or ship your D-180.
See our shipping policy.

Handcrafted modular D-180 hard drive shelf advisory

This unit empty weighs approximately 45 pounds. Fully loaded with 4-12 TB drives, it will weigh 500+ pounds. Please be mindful of its placement. See Conditions of Use for details on proper use.

This unit must be secured to prevent a catastrophic tip over. We offer a floor angle kit that allows the D-180 unit to tilt back towards the wall at a 5 degree angle allowing the top of the unit to be secured with L brackets included in the kit.

Do not attempt to hang this unit on a wall! We will not be held responsible for any misuse or unmindful securing (or lack thereof) of this shelf unit or consequent damage resulting in the destruction of data from a catastrophic tip over.

Additional information

Weight 43 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 7 × 50 in