P-150 package bundles the S-2 with two D-75 handcrafted modular hard drive shelves


Our popular package of two D-75 units plus the S-2 Stack unit for vertical placement of the D-75s. Handmade in the USA.

Sent in our custom-made wooden returnable shipping containers.

Fully loaded: holds 150 drives.



The P-150 package bundles two of our popular D-75 handcrafted modular hard drive shelves and the S-2 stack unit for vertical stacking..  The D-75  with its 75-drive capacity features 5 columns of 15 drive slots each for easy access and flexible organization. This module can also serve as your drive back up unit.  These units may be stacked, set beside each other or set in any other configuration based on common sense planning. Since our law enforcement and media producers often purchase two units, we also offer the D-75 in this P-150 bundle.

If you are planning to stack D-75 units vertically, they require the S-2 stacking unit. These D-75 shelving units cannot be directly stacked, one on top of the other. If you are designing a larger installation, please contact us so we can advise you on your project plans.

P-150 package bundles two D-75 handcrafted modular hard drive shelves and one S-2 stack unit.

Each D-75 unit without drives weighs 25 pounds and each drive adds another 1.5 pounds. Fully loaded each unit will weigh 137.5 pounds so, as stated, common sense placement must be applied. We’re developing brackets and other attaching hardware to take the guess work out of mounting and securing multiple units. Basic instructions are provided with each unit delivered.


Two D-75 shelf units, each 31 inches wide x 25.5 inches tall by 5-3/4 inches deep. Save on shipping: these 2 units ship together.
Each weighs 25 pounds (empty)
Weighs 91 pounds with custom-built shipping container that holds the 2 shelves.
Price: $290.50 each plus shipping costs and handling of $12.50 per shipment plus shared cost of return of the shipping container.
Please note: the two D-75s are shipped together in a container that must be returned. The return cost is shared by the client and vendor. The client pays half of the cost toward the return shipping. A security deposit in the form of a credit card pre-authorization is required to ensure that the shipping container is returned.

Shared return shipping of our re-usable shipping containers.

See our shipping policy for additional details.

Handmade in the USA – patent pending. We have reduced our build and your wait time! Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipment of shelving products.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 26 × 12 in