P-42 package bundles two of our popular D-21 handcrafted hard drive shelves


Our popular package of two D-21 units. Handmade in the USA.



The P-42 bundles two of our popular D-21 modular hard drive units. These handcrafted hard drive shelves prove to be “just right” near your work stations.  The D-21, with its tidy footprint and capacity to hold 21 drives,  is frequently purchased by media makers and IT specialists for easy access to drives in current use. Customers are attracted to the design of 3 columns, each holding 7 drives. Since the D-21 units are often  re-ordered by repeat clients, we now offer them as a package of two. You save on shipping when you purchase the units as a pair. As with all our products, they are designed and constructed at Bonolabs.


Two D-21 hard drive shelf units

Each unit: 22-1/4 inches wide x 13-1/4 inches high x 5-3/4 inches deep each
Each weighs 9 pounds (empty)
Each holds up to 21 hard drives
Constructed of unfinished pine with birch plywood inner shelves & backing
Handmade in the USA

We have reduced our build and your wait time! Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipment of shelving products. 

Handcrafted hard drive shelves made in USA: shipping details

Save on shipping: these 2 units ship together from Maryland

Shipping container with two empty D-21 weighs 42 pounds
Price: $142.50 each plus shipping costs and handling of $12.50 per item
Please note: the two D-21s are shipped together in a reusable wooden container that must be shipped back to us. A deposit is pre-authorized on your credit card at the time of shipment. The pre-authorization drops off when the container is received at Bonolabs.

See our shipping policy.

Additional information

Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 19 × 12.5 in